About CFJ


As the founder of Collins Fine Jewelry, I've aimed to create a sustainable fine jewelry brand that is both ethically sourced and made at the highest quality. I've had a lifelong love for jewelry and opened a brick and mortar boutique on Anna Maria Island in 2017. Over time I've developed a passion for jewelry design and produced my first collection for CFJ in 2021. As a Mother of three, it has been a joy to design and collaborate with my daughters. Every piece by CFJ is designed to be timeless and durable, so that our customers can wear them for a lifetime. 

-Lauren Collins, Founder


All of our pieces are designed in Anna Maria Island, Florida and produced in New York City.


At Collins Fine Jewelry, we use only Certified Recycled 14k Gold and lab grown diamonds, to reduce the impact of excessive mining on the environment. Lab grown diamonds are a conflict-free choice as no mining is required, but have the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as mined diamonds. In addition to our ethically-sourced materials, we aim for environmentally-focused practices in our workplace. 


Our jewelry is never mass produced. We carefully oversee every element of the design process from beginning to end to ensure the highest quality. 

Sustainable & Ethically Sourced

Made entirely from certified recycled gold and lab grown diamonds. Collins Fine Jewelry is committed to environmentally-friendly practices without sacrificing quality of design. Made from the world's most durable materials, our pieces are made to be worn and loved every day.